Terms of Service

Terms of Service

These Terms of Service (these “Terms”) govern your use of the Abundance Call website (the “Site”), the coaching or calls, videos and associated tools (collectively, the “Service”) made available by Abundance Call. Your use of the Service indicates that you agree on behalf of yourself or the entity that you represent (collectively, “you”) to be bound by these Terms as well as the Abundance call Privacy Policy. Please read these Terms carefully before booking your first call or after it or otherwise using the Abundance Call service

I. Initial contact

To access our services you need to contact us. At this point you may need to disclose your: name, phone number/s, email address and preferences for being contacted and best times and/or days. We will contact you to book a time via a call, text or email.

II. Getting started

The first call you have is exploratory to see if what you want to get is possible working with us. It’s also our chance to determine if we can work with you. This call is fee free. Understand this first call is not a coaching call and is not a free session. There is no obligation to buy. We also may reference something we will coach you on without access to the complete tools or information. This is so you can choose but information and tools used in our calls are only accessible for clients we accept and that have accepted our services.

By the end of the Initial call we will offer you our plan and a payment method. You can negotiate the plan with us and by you paying the fee for the next call/s you are accepting the terms and conditions stated here as well as accepting our confidentiality agreement and understanding our privacy policy.

III. Payment

All payments need to be made a week before the scheduled call/s with the exception of paying on the first call for the first paid call which can be under 7 days away. Calls not paid for 7 days in advance maybe cancel/ rescheduled. You can pay at the end of your call that you last paid for or pay for a series of call/s you have planned

It is recommended for ideal partner call, or calls that have a short term goal to pay per call where it is recommended for long term goals (business coaching)paying for a number of calls ahead.

Family planning or marriage planning is likely to be weekly calls and the switch to monthly and annual calls where you are happy with those options

We may choose to fore go the cost of our service and calls but that will be offered after our initial call and after approval.

Fee free calls are only for clients who are not capable of paying our fee without our help and the results we promise. This is not to be considered as a long term solution as it’s designed to get people on their feet. Also this leaves the client able to choose to continue their calls as they are not required to pay for calls after they have completed our dream job blue print. We hope that as a client you can see the benefit of using other blue prints but clients can choose to complete their free calls once employed.

IV. Termination of the call or of Services

There maybe cases where with a client paid or fee free to end our services and calls. If a call ends early due to the later reasons explained, no refund will be given for that call

The following are reasons our coaches will end calls. If there are brackets they state the conditions that would lead to end if the call. If there are no brackets assume notification of ending the call is not required.

  • Swearing using colourful language (after twice being warn.)
  • Raising your voice with reason (after being warned twice. (not hearing your coach is still reason))
  • Threatening or abusive behaviour (including threatening self harm, we will strongly advise medical help and if needed send help to avoid the threat being actualised)
  • Racial/ sexist/ or any attack on minority’s or hate speech ( the coach may terminate the call and text the reason, future calls will be reviewed if a coach is willing to continue. The coach can choose to warn before choosing to end the call. This depends on the severity of the comments and this is up to the coach to determine. )
  • Sexual advances to your coach (where warned and not heeded) our coaches are not potential partners either romantic or sexual. That is not a service we would offer.

The following are reasons our coaches will recommend terminating future calls or services. If there are brackets they state the conditions that would lead to end our services. If there are no brackets assume notification of end of service is not required.

  • Using your coaching call to discuss how you feel and what you think about the results and coaching ( We are not therapists or psychologists. If more than three calls where you repeatedly ask to concentrate on what the coaching is about or tangents into person details rather than about the plan, related actions and results. You maybe offered a free call to discuss if our coaching is appropriate for what you need)
  • Apathy to the coach/ coaching, work required between calls. ( We want to inspire you and we plan with you to fulfil what you want. Ongoing apathy to actions from your plan/ our coaching will lead to a call to discuss whether to continue or cancel your service.)
  • Regularly coming to the calls unprepared with actions not taken between calls or work required for the next call. The value of coaching is in the reality of what you are being coach in turned into actions that cause results. Your coach will warn you and it is up to the individual coach to how many calls they are willing to do or chances offered before they advise us to terminate service.
  • Using your call to steal or use of our proprietary technology of our calls and services.
  • Pretending about, lying or not disclosing pertinent information that would greatly change the coaching.
  • We do not tolerate anyone using the ideal partner list service while married to use our service to have an affair. This also applies to partnered, de facto and any person in a relationship where the agreement between you and your partner has not been agreed to be open. Non monogamist/ polyamorous partners and relationships are exempt from this clause where it only applies if the intention is to hide information or activities from our service from partner/s please ensure you explain you’re specific circumstances in your first call as we can address options where as disclosure after is considered part of the previous point.
  • Where your actions or what you want to be coached on achieving is illegal under the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia and include the laws of local, state and/or territories laws and governance.
  • In business coaching including executive where your business has connection to human trafficking or human slavery; direct damage to the environment through avoidable pollution or damage to the environment indirectly where your business has impact and chooses not to reduce and remove that part of your business.
  • In business coaching where your business is a network marketing, pipeline or pyramid scheme where your business access profit from an up line/ down line and your employee or team aren’t paid unless they are also buying and selling on products.
  • Where your business is not something you are passionate enough about to sustain you in good and bad times. Or your committed to the business result and have no regard for your own life style and as a result it would be likely over some point in time you plan to close your business due to not planning time off or replacing yourself with an eventual manger or team of people.

V. Indemnity

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Abundance call, and its coaches, agents, contractors, partners and employees, from and against any loss, liability, claim, demand, damages, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees) arising out of or in connection with (i) any allegation that any of your content infringes or misappropriates any intellectual property or other proprietary right of a third party or violates any applicable law, (ii) your conduct in connection with the Service, and/or (iii) any violation by you of these Terms.

VI. Intellectual Property Rights

Abundance Call reserves all rights not specifically granted herein. You shall not modify any copyright notices, proprietary legends, any trademark and service mark attributions, any patent markings, and other indicators of ownership on the Content or other materials accessed through the Service. The delivery of, and license to, the Content and/or access to third party materials does not transfer to you any commercial or promotional use rights in the Content or any portion thereof. Any use of Content, or descriptions; any derivative use of this Site or its materials; and any use of data mining, robots, or similar data gathering and extraction tools is strictly prohibited. In no event shall the user frame any portion of the Site or any materials contained therein. You will only use the information and tools provide for you/ your business/ life and not to copy or reproduce any part there of without expressed permission in email or in writing.

As between the parties, Abundance Call owns and shall continue to own all right, title and interest in and to all aggregate and statistical information or analyses created and developed by Abundance Call from performance and usage data generated through your use of the Site, Service or information obtained from calls and services (collectively, “Aggregate Data”). Aggregate Data is de-identified so that you cannot be identified as the source within the Aggregate Data.

VII. Modifications and notices

Changes may me made to our terms and conditions and we will update current clients but with future and past clients will need to update themselves to changes before choosing to hire or rehire our services.


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Copyright 2023 by Abundance Call. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2023 by Abundance Call. All rights reserved.