Dream job vs Pays the bills

October 2, 2023

Many of us flirt with idea of a new job. We hope for better conditions or better pay. At the end of the day there’s bills to pay. What if I don’t like my new team or new boss and there’s benefits to staying put like long service leave. Not to mention the relationship you may have cultivated with customers and other staff.

Some people know what they wanted to become before they finished high school. They had a plan choose the courses and extracurricular activities to get them towards their university that ultimately lead to the career path they are on today. They are the rule they are the exception.

So we end up hopefully doing something that once interest us enough to start with then got caught in for adding up experience and now what else am I qualified for?

So dream job? Dream on! Well no there’s time left still. Most of us aren’t aware of transferable skills and don’t know that we thrive when we love what we do and funny enough people end up paying you for it.

You have to give up all you know about how it’s going to go. It gives room to start exploring. If I could do anything what would I like to do? What do you enjoy doing. Even things that seem stupid are worth writing down on the list. Remember there is someone employed to test and rate water slides at theme parks and alpa testers of video games.

Only after you captured everything down on your list can you cull. The first question to filter with is : if I did this every day for the rest of my life, would I be happy? Are the skills I need to do this job transferable from what I’ve already done or do I need training to be able to do it?

A powerful way to choose is to imaging 7 years in the future. Imagine the perfect world or if you could wave a magic wand and have it look any way you want. What would it look like? What is your dream job and how did you get there.

From here what needs to happen to get you to fulfill the dream? Is there courses for the skills you need? Do you want to do that online, part time or full time. If you need more experience is there a volunteer role that would help or part time intern position. Also what is the best company or business in that industry? Does their company culture suit you? Are they really a match for you?

You can design your resume specifically for that business or company. Apply as if they are the only option you’d choose. If no one is filling a gap could you even run your own business?

With a plan you could get what you need design a dream job, find it and be happier in what you do. If you want help we can work with you. We can with your input design your dream job and blueprint the plan and coach you to it.


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Copyright 2023 by Abundance Call. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2023 by Abundance Call. All rights reserved.