Creating Abundance

October 2, 2023

Abundance is more than you need, in constant supply and at all time easily accessible.

So why are some areas of life abundant and others feel like there’s a real lack. Often time, money, love, resources, people and energy can be abundant for some people and not for you?

First choose one area in your life where you want abundance. (Warning this area needs to be one that if you had e

Now in the area you choose. Write down why it’s not abundant? What do you say to your self about this? What do you tell others about this? What do you think about it and what do you know about it. Keep going till everything reasons explainations and even excuses on your list.

If you got it all down this will give you the best access to abundance. See the area is already abundant. If that’s the case why isn’t it? Well look at everything your wrote down. That’s the only reason. Everything you listed has created the limits. But incase you’re not convinced here’s a few helpful hints and tips.

Abundance of time

There are only 24 hours in a day however the sheer volume of time that has passed by before you were born, before people, before history and record. We actually can fathom it. If you times your life time by a billion you’re not really close and then that’s the past. There’s more to come!

Wait how can I have some time to do the thing I want? Easy look at what you worry and complain about. How much of your time is taken up with this look at your list if this is the area you have chosen. How much time is doing the action verses the time you think and plan and complain and argue and fret and be frustrated? Usually allot more wasted time than useful. So notice all that when it starts and stop. Save that time it’s not useful used as in the history of Humanity being worried has never yet produced a result other than time passing and not being happy with it. Try being without worry for a week and become a warrior not a worrier.

Abundance of money or wealth.

How much is money really worth? Besides the little cost for making it the number pressed or printed on it. It’s actually valueless, we agree that the number is the value and that can buy a little or a lot of a product or service. The value changes based on what you’re will to give up or exchange for it. So if there’s something you aren’t willing to sell then there’s no amount of money that would change your mind. It shows how little money is worth.

However notice how valuable it is to you. What do exchange your money for? What’s on your list for why you don’t have it? if you have more going out than in. What are the action you have taken or will take verses what you think about it and the worrying and stress where no action is taken? Have you gotten advice or just sit in your head about it? Do you say no to friends, family offering it? Are you saying no to help? Look at what you say about that as it’s your prison you built. Lucky you’re the gaoller.


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Copyright 2023 by Abundance Call. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2023 by Abundance Call. All rights reserved.